Three’s the limit

Spring, Maebe and Lyle the first time I photographed them all together.

If you saw my post on Thursday, you know that Lyle’s put his paw down and that we are at the limit of three dogs.  I think three is actually a good number (most days at least) because I can walk them all myself while still maintaining my ability to be a good neighbor.

Taken probably less than five minutes after meeting Maebe

Maebe working her way into Robin's heart at my second session with her.

I’m not really one for spending a lot of time in the past.  I think this is mostly a result of being chronically busy rather than anything else but because of it, and among other things, I rarely take the time to look through old photographs.  It’s a shame really because when I do take the time, I’m reminded of a lot of happy memories.  Anyway, today I was browsing through some old photographs and came across my very first photos of Maebe.  As mentioned, she and Spring were both brought into our pack because I first spent time photographing them for the Woodford Humane Society and ultimately couldn’t say no.

Maebe wasn’t Maebe back then but was known as Rasha the 6 year old beagle mix.  The first time I met Maebe, I was pretty sure that Robin would love her so when she was still at the humane society two weeks later, I brought Robin to help me with my next session.  At first we took her home as a foster dog.  We called her Maebe saying that it reflected her uncertain status in our pack and well, because we were watching Arrested Development at the time.  Our very first walk with her, Spring and Lyle we walked past some neighbors that we rarely saw and when they asked about Maebe, I told them she was a foster dog and was available for adoption.  No sooner were we out of earshot when Robin told me that Maebe was most certainly not available for them to adopt and I filled out the adoption paperwork on my very next visit.

Spring is the one and only humane society animal that has been so comfortable with me that has fallen asleep during our session.

Spring showing her vulnerable side for our second session. She was pulling out all of the stops trying to worm her way into my heart.

Spring’s story is a little different.  I first met Spring (then Samantha) in May 2006 and if you’ve known me for any length of time, you’ll know that we were doing everything that we could to fight Little Bit’s lymphoma.  Little Bit was one of those one in a million kind of dogs and in any case, we certainly were not going to bring a new dog into the home to potentially stress out LB.  Spring was a little shaggy and super skinny back then but was quickly adopted.  After eating three plastic crates in three months, Spring was back at the humane society.  By August we knew Little Bit didn’t have very long left and were pretty much devastated.  LB passed away at the end of the month and we didn’t want a new dog, we wanted Little Bit back.  Clearly Lyle felt the same way because he was very obviously grieving (lots of moping, barely eating, etc).  By this time, Spring was back at the humane society and she very clearly remembered me.  In retrospect, I think she knew from the very first day she met me that she’d found her new home but this time she made it her mission to make sure that I was the one that took her home.  We would not have adopted Spring if Lyle hadn’t so clearly needed a friend but sometimes things happen for a reason and she’s been a part of our pack for four years now.

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